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Berlin has many outstanding things to offer, from fantastic museums and art galleries to the great music scene, clubs, and parties, magnificent public places, architecture, and a famous nightlife scene. It’s the power of diversity that draws so many people to this place – what they all hope for is to find an inspiration, beauty and different kind of entertainment. Berlin is also famous for its strong artistic tradition, especially in urban arts and photography. When it comes to photography, its immense power lies in its ability to resonate with many people, almost everyone, because it uses an alternative symbolic language. Also, it allows people of any age to be creative and productive, especially in our digital age when the technology is basically at everyone’s reach. This medium can transcend time and place, show the conceptual side of our reality, stir our emotions and sometimes change our perspective of the well-known surroundings. Here in Germany, in major cities such as Berlin and Düsseldorf, we can find some of the most prolific and most influential world photographers, who captured and covered the widest range of topics – from minimalist architecture to bizarre portraiture, from peaceful, idyllic landscapes to abstractions mimicking the contemporary art movements in painting, such as surrealism or impressionism. The Düsseldorf School of Photography was a birthplace of a few true masters of the 20th century German photography and the most famous name related to this school is certainly Andreas Gursky. His large-scale breathtaking photo edition still breaks records at the most prestigious auctions around the world. In short, the contemporary German photography left a strong and meaningful trace in the history of the 20th century visual arts and Berlin photo galleries are a great place to take a look at some of these priceless photography jewels.

Did you know: The Düsseldorf School of Photography was a birthplace of a few true masters of the 20th century German art

Berliner Liste 2016 · The Best of Berlin Photography

The city of Berlin is one of the most commonly photographed cities in Europe. The main reason for this is the wonderful architecture, cultural appeal and powerful history. The history of contemporary Berlin photography started in the 20s and the 30s, when the art of making images was divided into two radically distinct approaches. One of them was associated with the work and ideas of László Maholy-Nagy and it was based on experimental approach and unconventional techniques, such as finding unexpected vantage points. The other approach was known as New Objectivity and it revolved around meticulously objecive, rigidly documentary style. Thanks to these two different directions, the world of 21th German photography evolved into a rich and colorful melting pot of different styles. Nowadays, of course, anyone can have a camera and photograph literally anything because of the accessibility of smartphones. As a consequence of this modern, digital approach, many photos are instant, fast, snappy and above all temporary, geared towards facebook, instagram or a personal blog. However, when we talk about a true Berlin photography, we don’t have in mind such snapshots, but rather a world of young artists who reinvented the old traditional approaches and created a very own hybrid kind of medium, which combines traces of history with heaps of creativity and uniqueness. Whether you find yourself in a Berlin photo gallery or browsing through photography gallery websites, you will certainly find a photographic style which resonates with your inner world and sentiments. The same rule goes for our Photography Section at the Berliner Liste 2016 – whether you are looking for a strictly documentary photography, pure abstraction or perhaps something mysteriously ineffable, an uncharted territory in between the regular photography realms, our event at Kraftwerk venue will be the perfect artsy getaway for you. This will be the fourth year that our majestic Photo Section is bringing out the best of Berlin photo imagery, as well as many interesting international masterpieces. With our thoughful selection, guided by our curator, lecturer and an author Stefan Maria Rother who is also a photographer himself, we want to maintain the image of the city of Berlin as a place of many renowned photo galleries and even more amateurs and professionals. The Berliner Liste supports the freedom of photographic creativity where everyone will get enough room and understanding for all sorts of self-expression. We are eager to embrace any photographic genre and we are especially welcoming to young German or foreign photographers who still need to find their own direction and style, but have a plenty of authentic talent.

Did you know: Whether you are looking for details in a strictly documentary style, a pure abstraction, or perhaps a clever new conceptual work, the Berliner Liste 2016 event has got you covered!

Focus on the Pure Strength of Art and Quality of Berlin Photography

Ever since the Photo Section was established at Kraftwerk in Berlin, we welcomed thousands and thousands of visitors from Germany and abroad, gallery owners, amateur photographers and passionate collectors who made a long travel to attend this extraordinary art fair. We have exhibited many great photos – experimental, conceptual, classic black and white, environmental portraiture, elegant nudes, minimalist landscapes, bold HDRs – you name it. While some of these pieces were undoubtfully fine art specimens rooted in the classical academic training and refined approach, others were so bold and beyond any known school of thought that they required in an in-depth analysis. However, the common grounds behind all of these diverse approaches and styles is the fact that the Berliner Liste focuses on the pure strength and quality of the visual aesthetics. We give our Berlin photographers virtually boundless freedom and this is why they are happy to come back to Kraftwerk and travel year after year, excited to showcase their new projects. Here at our Kraftwerk venue in Berlin, photographers who exhibit their works and their broad audiences will have the opportunity to explore the fair and go for a hunt on relevant and reliable collection of artworks, for photographs that resonate with them on a deeper level, or to find a perfect piece that would fit into their home collections or as a gift of surprise for a significant other.

Did you know: The best time to discover Berlin photography is in September, when the Berliner Liste 2016 welcomes its guests to the exciting Kraftwerk venue

The View of Our Berliner Liste 2016 Curator

At the Berliner Liste 2016, everything is taken into consideration by our curator – the context, the concept and the quality. In any photographic genre, it is important to be open to new concepts and enjoy the freedom of choice and diversity. We find various piece appealing for many reasons – colors, motifs, sentimental values, or perhaps an unusual emotional sign. We choose a piece because of its ability to make our day better, or to awaken a nostalgia for the moments we didn’t even live through, or we did, but we feel like reliving them again. That is why we warmly invite everyone to join us on this wonderful quest for the further discovery of meaningul images, where we can enjoy the greatest international selection of both distinguished and novice photographs. The Photography Section will be featured for the fourth year, making the Berliner Liste 2016 the only German art fair to have a designated area for photographers. Berlin has a long tradition in this discipline and boasts many renowned galleries across the city. The pure significance of this medium in Berlin is a reason enough to give this art form a new point of view.

The Photography Section wins a new curator with renowned photographer, lecturer and author Stefan Maria Rother. Galleries, project groups and individual photographers are invited to apply.