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New at BERLINER LISTE 2016: Urban Art Section

Guillaume Trotin Curator Urban Art Section

If you want to give credence to Guillaume Trotin, then Kraftwerk Berlin – the impressive venue which serves as the backdrop for the popular BERLINER LISTE – could easily do the same for the steadily increasing art scene in Germany’s capital what the celebrated club Berghain did for club culture: becoming a significant basing point and internationally renowned figurehead for a particular scene. Coming from someone who actually knows the score, this bold statement without a doubt isn’t just wishful thinking. Trotin is the latest addition to Berliner Liste’s cherry-picked roster of curators, as he’s in charge of reviving the urban art section as from now. The choice could not have been a better one, since Trotin isn’t only the driving force behind Berlin’s prolific OPEN WALLS Gallery, who has turned his passion for public art and beyond into a premier location for artists and collectors alike, but is very much aware of what made Berlin such a center of attraction for creatives worldwide in the first place: being a heavily vivid, authentic and non-elitist place – attributes that certainly will be reflected on in his new position at Berliner Liste as well. Therefore the urban art section simply won’t showcase the talent of an elaborate gallery network, but offers a creative playground for artists, galleries and the art-interested public instead, knowing that art per se shouldn’t be seen as a trophy, but as something beautiful one just loves to interact with.