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We are proud to announce that 2016 Berliner Liste will host both well-established and new galleries for the 13th time, giving them and the audience an opportunity to explore a dramatic range of contemporary and urban artworks, from photography and painting to large-scale multimedia installations and innovative mixed-media pieces. The amazing venue of Kraftwerk with its wide open spaces will be the major meeting point for visitors, gallery owners, experts, and managers. The main goal of this exciting meeting of art enthusiasts is establishing the functional and fruitful conversation between various art specialists and also allowing visitors to select, purchase and take home affordable artworks which match their preferences. The offer of artworks will be extremely versatile because the Berliner Liste aims at meeting and even exceeding everyone’s expectations. It is well-known that the city of Berlin is famous for its art scene and busy urban lifestyle and that it includes large established galleries and monumental, historical museums along with small alternative places not many people know about. You can also expect to find fantastic street art in Berlin, such as breathtaking murals and colorful 3D graffiti. The capital of Germany lives governed by freedom and diversity, always staying up to date with newest urban trends, but keeping a rich tradition of fine arts and crafts. Many districts of Berlin were inhabited by artists in the 70’s and the 80’s and these brave art enthusiasts have created their personal sanctuaries in abandoned buildings and organized a whole new concept of creativity where everyone could participate and share their ideas and projects. During the cold war, people were moving a lot, leaving a large number of locations empty. These enormous empty areas provided a lot of great opportunities since they didn’t require money or any specific plans. This means that all the creative events and gatherings were not tied up by material issues or future proposals. Before the Berlin wall fell down, the city grew without any control or renovations, which generated a wild and uncontrolled atmosphere. Everyone lived in the present, anything could have happened and everything had been possible. Such atmosphere was an extremely fertile ground for the development of unplanned yet amazing artistic endeavors and shows which later got transformed into the world of Berlin art galleries and museums.

Did you know: In the 70s and 80s, many artists in Berlin have created their own sanctuaries in abandoned buildings, which were the predecessors of contemporary art galleries

Berlin • Home for Best Contemporary and Urban Art in Europe

As a thriving international art scene, Berlin became a haven to many galleries, museums, alternative studios and art space. When the wall came down in 1989, the city became a creative paradise and many artists started gathering in small circles in order to build meaningful and functional structures from the previously wild apparatus. In 2016, Berlin has almost 450 galleries, and over 6000 artists living, working and exhibiting. Berlin inspires creative people from Germany and around the world to come to the city in order to find the gallery that will represent them and help them contribute to the artistic splendor of this enchanting German city. Even though Berlin has grown a lot in the last couple of decades, powered by freedom, love, and creativity, it has maintained its old architectural brilliance and mixed it with sleek and functional contemporary design. This process resulted in the unpredictable and powerful fusion of polarities. In more than twenty years, the arrival of artists, their representatives, and interested audience, boosted the creativity and production capital. In the year 2016 on almost every corner there is a piece of street art, on every block, there is a gallery or a museum. The visual appeal, history and diversity of art venues in Berlin is truly mesmerizing. While some galleries are situated in stunning brick buildings dating from the late 19th century or even in the second world war abandoned bunkers, others can be found in glass warehouses with plenty of light and beautifully clean white walls and floors which are perfect for almost any kind of exhibitions. Every district of the city has its own hidden gems and well-known galleries. There are incredible places – Mitte, Kreuzberg, Neukolln, and Schoenberg – that go from refined and sophisticated to galleries which could only be described as punk-dodgy hybrids, but all of them are a great sign of the amazing atmosphere that keeps on attracting art lovers, gallery owners, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.The optimistic fact about Berlin is that it continues to flourish, and at the Berliner Liste art fair which will be held in September 2016, we encourage cultural richness and variety. Our spacious venue at Kraftwerk will have a plenty of room for everyone. We will offer an entire section to galleries, where they can exhibit chosen works and meet new artists with whom they can collaborate in future. Above all, we want all the participating galleries to be a part of the unique and positive atmosphere of the fair. In the past years, we had galleries with refreshingly different backgrounds coming to the Berliner Liste and they all found the environment friendly and productive, which turned out beneficial for their future works.

Did you know: Opening hours of most galleries in Berlin are adjusted to busy people over 30 years old who work, as well as students and their schedules

Affordable Booth Prices and Enough Room for Every Gallery

The Berliner Liste has positioned itself as a forum for emerging, contemporary art at affordable prices. Galleries offering artworks in the 500 to 7500 euro price range will be able to meet their target audiences here. We are also excited to offer young galleries in Germany the chance to exhibit publicly by providing booth prices below the market average. This one of a kind opportunity is something you shouldn’t miss! Expensive booth prices are one of the main obstacles when it comes to young exhibitors and galleries and this is the main reason why the Berliner Liste wants to provide this exceptionally affordable service. Our visitors value the mix between known creators and upcoming talents and we are giving our best to organize our space efficiently so that there is enough space for both seasoned, experienced galleries as well as new ones and their work. Various art enthusiasts and collectors will come to the Berliner Liste 2016 eager to discover a whole new realm of contemporary art, take original pieces or start a collection. Our above-average marketing budget ensures that truffle hunters amongst the art lovers do visit the fair and our exhibitors consistently report good sales and successful new contacts, including both visitors and collectors.

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