Ayis Zita | Annuska Dal Maso

Athens, Greece | Helsinki, Finland

Annuska Dal Mazo, photography


Meeting point – North, South as (is) one

This is a story about Berlin. This is also a story about blurring of borders and boundaries.

Finnish art photographer Annuska Dal Maso and Greek visual artist Ayis Zita met in Berlin as artists in residence in the autumn of 2013. They coincided in the city for five days, Ayis just in, Annuska returning home. Despite the seemingly opposite cultural backgrounds and geographical distance that separates them, they have established and retained a deep bond of artistic communication and respect. Driven, enthusiastic and disciplined, mutually supportive in pushing against the limits that at times seem insurmountable, the two artists have forged a strong connection. This exhibition is a story about their work and this bond.

Made in Berlin, back to Berlin.

Ana Psycharis

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