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Thanks to its rich, long and undeniably turbulent history, the city of Berlin has become a true mecca for the most diverse forms of contemporary art. From its legendary underground street art and music scene to surprisingly innovative installation projects which combine visual and audio materials, it is obvious that every single corner of this lively European metropolis is a potentially fruitful place for creativity. In the city which counts many thousands of active artists, it is basically inevitable to pose the following question – what it feels like to be an authentic Berlin artist? How can a fledgling Berlin artist start a career on his own, find a residency or begin promoting and selling precious artworks which took weeks, months or even years to complete? Art market might be one of the most manipulated international markets in the world and learning its rules in Berlin and elsewhere is a long and painful process that has left many young creative souls in the state of extreme devastation and anger. Yet, the unstoppable desire for self-expression and the mere instinct to create artworks is often stronger than the fear of financial failure.

Did you know: Berlin is one of the most engaging European centers of contemporary art and media, with over 7,000 active creators

Finding the Best Way and Best Words to Promote Your Art

The young Berlin creatives and their fellow spirits elsewhere in the world keep on working their way towards their dreams. They keep living in a fear yet hope for the best, immersed in this everlasting continuum of bitter worries mixed with sudden brighter strikes of creativity. However, it is important to mention that due to different economic issues in Europe and for instance in the United States, the position of the artists residing in The New World versus those in the Old World is not quite the same. While New York has at least a half-decent economy, Berlin is known for being quite dysfunctional and initially unfriendly to those living off their creative endeavors. Despite numerous residencies that can be found within Berlin’s art scene as well as the occasional international options to participate in some random events, the real pressing issue is still to same – how to promote, showcase and sell art? Berlin is known for its great ambiance and the pressure to succeed and qualify as creative can become really intense. It is not easy to promote oneself successfully and especially those new to the art world (which can be a pretty cruel world at times!) need help and a piece of good advice. Having an active social media account such as facebook and twitter with a direct link to your portfolio is a great first step towards promoting the artworks, but it’s certainly just the beginning of the long road to fame, recognition and exhibitions.

Did you know: In 2016, there are more than 400 galleries, around 35 museums and 3 art fairs to discover in Berlin

Recommended Strategies to Become a New Berlin Artist

If you are a Berlin artist who’s struggling to make his artworks an indispensable part of Berlin’s busy art scene, look no further! The Berliner Liste, which is the largest Berlin art show for the last thirteen years, has a lot in store for you. The fair is organized in a specific way so that it can help individual creators make an exhibition under the same conditions as well-established galleries in Berlin. This means that a dedicated area at the Berliner Liste is reserved for individual artists and their innovative pieces made in any media – photography, painting, video, sculpture, installation, light art, performance, experimental projects, you name it. The ultimate goal of Berliner Liste is to become an exceptionally friendly and welcoming international art sanctuary for any Berlin artist and any form of arts and exhibitions. Since Berlin is one of the biggest and most open minded production centers of contemporary art in Europe, the artists must have a designated room for showcasing their pieces. We all know that art typically doesn’t sell straight from the studio alone and in order to grab the public attention, we need to be persuasive and stand in the front line.

Did you know: The Berliner Liste has helped many internationally recognized exhibitors in finding their work partners and collaborative galleries

Equal Opportunities for People in Diverse Arts

The Berliner Liste doesn’t offer any false promises – over many years, it has built a splendid repertoire of internationally known artists whose careers began with this fair in Berlin. Many creators have benefitted from our reputation because it allowed them to make valuable, long-lasting connections with many collectors and buyers. In addition to this, many artists have discovered the perfect gallery collaborate with, which is a necessary step in every artist’s career. However, the list of benefits offered by the Berliner Liste doesn’t end here – if you want to be a true Berlin artist, you need to have visually appealing marketing tools to promote your work, such as collective invitations, various gadgets, and flyers. Our marketing team known for its serious dedication will help you build your visual identity with a wide range of free products. Besides this helpful service, all participating exhibitors can also enjoy a free seminar by psychologist Alina Gause and our curator Dr. Peter Funken. The main idea behind this seminar is to learn to cope with all the psychological challenges artists typically face when selling their artworks. Needless to say, we are fairly sure that if you’re an artist, you already know how hard it is to determine the value of your work, let alone suggest that value to potential art dealers.

Did you know: Our skillful marketing team at Berliner Liste can help you design advertising materials for the promotion of your portfolio

Berliner Liste as a Redesigned Experience of Contemporary Art

To sum up, the Berliner Liste is here for you to help you present your work in an affordable and above all exciting way. The fair is also a great gathering point for all the exhibitors on the very beginning of their journey. Over its long-lasting mission that started 13 years ago, the Berliner Liste has grown and evolved, allowing its participants to exhibit the most diverse artworks while at the same time letting the visitors experience an entirely different world of art which is surprisingly refreshing and it can’t be seen during a regular gallery visit. Because of the enormously large venue spreading across the staggering 4000 sqm, there is certainly enough space for any enthusiastic Berlin artist to present, share, promote and sell his works as well as to make friends and connections with fellow creators and art collectors.

The Artist Section will be curated by Dr. Peter Funken.