Tal Frank

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tal Frank will participate in the Berliner Liste 2013 with the sculptural project 1 bag up to 23 kg:

"The project is a representation of the take only what you can carry predicament: All sculptures exhibited will be transported in my suitcases on a tourist class flight from Tel Aviv to Berlin. What to take? How to choose? In his Boîte-en-valise, Duchamp packed his whole life. I understood on hindsight that I chose objects related to my past, nostalgic representations of childhood memories and feelings. But the project is also a metaphor through which I refer and relate to several pressing socio-economic and psychological issues faced by artists as myself, such as striving to make a living out of art, and living in the periphery while always contemplating emigration to the center.

I am a sculptress and installation artist living and working in Israel and Mexico. My expertise as a sculptress is in complex technologies of polymeric molds and casts. My sculptures have classical and naturalistic characteristics, with a postmodern approach: They emanate from ready made objects that undergo a sculptural disruption and manipulation, that transform them into new, surrealistic, often humorist and absurd shapes. Time and motion are recurrent motives in my work, always expressed in the finest aesthetical language.

Through my work I strive to create parallel universes: Unexpected and seductive -yet disturbing- visual rearrangements of reality. These allow me to explore basic questions related to the human condition and the arts: Beauty, aesthetics, power, fear, death. All expressed as frames frozen in time where the familiar and the unknown co-exist and give rise to confusion and amazement, hopefully sparking reflection and discussion."

Tal Frank